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Landrover & Rangerover servicing from £99.00 + VAT

Landrover Servicing

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Independent Land Rover specialist for Bishops Stortford, Royston, Stevenage & Buntingford

With changes in European legislation it is possible to have your car serviced at an independent garage without invalidating your manufacturer's warranty.

Land Rover & Range Rover Servicing

We have been dealing with Land Rovers and Range Rovers since the company started and all our technicians have the expertise and are extremely knowledgeable in the servicing and repairing of Land Rovers and Range Rovers. We drive P38s ourselves and we are very fond of them. We have lots of second hand parts so can keep the price of repairs down.

Engine Diagnostics 

Howe Engineering has the specialist diagnostic equipment, Autologic, and technical expertise to keep your vehicle in tip top condition. We have access to the Land Rover technical help line. This helps to keep the repair costs down.

Diagnostics charge is £36.00 inc. this includes the first Quarter hour of labour so those little faults are easily and cheaply fixed.

We can bring the diagnostics to you if you have a security or a non start situation, within our operating area. We are prepared to do trade work and are available if you just want to talk to a technician.

We have the latest diagnostics for the new Range Rover Evoque. The Evoque is the latest marque from Range Rover and we have received the software less than two months after its launch.


The oil in a modern automatic transmission is a highly engineered component as it serves many functions including lubrication, cooling,hydraulic applications of clutches and power transmission via the torque converter.

To meet these challengers partlally synthetic oils have been developed for ZF 5, 6and 8 speed transmissions which are maintenance free under normal operating conditions.However,as some degradation of the oil occurs over time and usage, ZF RECOMMENDS OIL AND FILTER CHANGES AFTER 50,000/ 75.000 TO ENSURE OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE AND PREVENT FAILURE.  We are experiancing judder, noises and deterioration of gear change quality, in most cases this can be cured by replacing the oil and filter. We have a filter kit that has a modified filter and gearbox sump that makes the job easier and cheaper for the customer.


Check out what is available for your Land Rover or Range Rover here >>

We use genuine parts wherever available and know where to source those 'difficult to find' parts. Landrover specialist supplier parts are also available.